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By Barry December 11, 2017 skin tag removal tips

Skin tags are an overgrowth and elongation of normal skin. Commonly skin tags occur in people between the ages of 40 and 60, but they can be present in anyone. Usually flesh colored, skin tags are simply the elongation of a small area of skin which occurs as the skin rubs against itself. Skin tags appear under the arms, breasts, and on the neck as well as the upper thighs and inguinal regions.

Many people are not bothered by the presence of skin tags. They may, however, become irritated, caught in clothing, or seem to multiply. Skin tags are not malignant and do not necessarily need to be removed. They can be unsightly, become irritated, bleed, and simply be announcing. Fortunately there are many effective ways of skin tag removal.

Some heavy duty skin tag treatments.

One option for skin tag removal is to consult a local physician. Freezing with liquid nitrogen or clipping the skin tags off after numbing with a local anesthetic are both effective and safe methods of skin tag removal. However the combination of the cost of an office visit, procedure fee, and possibly a pathology charge could have a negative impact on your bank balance for what amounts to a cosmetic procedure.

Home options for skin tag removal are also options. Just as the doctor does, many people simply snip small skin tags off without the benefit of anesthesia. In choosing this method, be sure to sterilize the instruments with either heat such as boiling water or a flame, or a chemical disinfectant made for such purposes. Placing a small amount of antibiotic ointment on the base will also help prevent infection.

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A simple home treatment worth a try.

Other options for home skin tag removal include tying thread or thin string tightly around the base. This removes the blood supply and the skin tag will fall off. Topical remedies are also effective. Mixing a paste of Castor oil and backing soda and applying it to the skin tags several times daily is a popular solution. There are also several over the counter topical remedies for skin tag removal which work within days.

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