Easy surprise home skin tag removal remedies.

By Barry December 11, 2017 skin tag removal tips

We may not know the correct terminology to use when a small piece of hanging skin forms under our arms, or on the neck, breasts, groin or eyelids. Although these skin growths may vary in appearance; they can be smooth or wrinkled, slightly brown or flesh colored and be a small size bump or be as large as a grape, the end result is the same: they are annoying. The medical profession calls them Cutaneous Papilloma or Acrochordons, but they are better known as skin tags. When a skin tag is small we tend to ignore it, or live with it, but chances are it will continue to grow and become a cosmetic issue rather than a life threatening malignant growth. Skin tags appear on nearly half of the population in adulthood, but children may develop them under the arms or on the neck. They seem to occur in areas where there is skin friction and they are common in people who are overweight.

Home remedies that help with skin tags.

Doctors use several medical procedures to remove skin tags. Freezing, burning, scissors and laser treatments are effective, but these procedures can be costly. There are several home remedies available to get rid of skin tags and they may surprise you because they are so simple. Duct tape is one of those items that serve us in a variety of situations and getting rid of skin tags is one of them. Cover the skin tag with duct tape for two or three days and it should start to fall off, if not, use a fresh piece of tape and wait another two days.

Only for those serious about removing their skin tags.

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Some lesser known treatments that also work.

Finger nail polish works as well. Cover the skin tag with polish about three times a day for two weeks and the skin tag should dry out and fall off. Castor oil, Edgar Cayces favorite remedy, is another great way to remove skin tags. Mix a little baking powder with castor oil, so it becomes a paste and apply that blend to the skin tag three times a day until it falls off. There are also herbal remedies that will remove skin tags, but if you want to remove them without spending a lot of money get the duct tape, finger nail polish or the castor oil out and let them work their magic.

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